Rolling Out AM SHOW - 

J.Isaak got to chop it up with some of the folks down in Atlanta about his new song, "Kaepernick" he also performed "Bad News" Off his project, "Hypergamy."

Making Plays -

Pandora's Head of Hip-Hop invited J.Isaak to talk about his recent releases on his IG Live.

Jager x J.Isaak -

On July 30, 2020 it was annouced that J.Isaak's single, "Just My Type" had been picked by Jagermeister to be apart of their #savethenight campaign.

Can't x Not -

Jake Nelson catches up with J.Isaak after he release his new single, "Just My Type," To find out what he's been up to and where his is going.


J.Isaak @

247HH -

J.Isaak checked in with to talk about his project, "Hypergamy" and how COVID and the country's civil unrest as affected him personally and his creative process.

J.Isaak X 247HH

J.Isaak X 247HH

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In addition to perfoming in the "Campaign For Equality: Vol. 1" J.Isaak sat down with some of the team at THEHAU5 to talk about his unique perspective of being black in America.

Artiphon X J.Isaak -

 J.Isaak was also asked to be apart of the social media marketing campaign for Artiphon's new innovative midi-controller "The Orba" in early December of 2019.

Hublot x Berluti 

Feat. J.Isaak -

Swiss luxury watch company "Hublot" has enlisted J.Isaak to help unveil their new collaboration with Paris fashion house "Berluti," writing and performing an original piece at the release event entitled " The New Gentlemen" to emphasize the brands art of fusion.