J.Isaak is a 22 year old multi-talented creative influencer. A versatile hip-hop artist, writer, and producer. He was raised in a musical house hold and showed promise in the arts at an early age, playing the drums in church then later learning the keyboard . His baptist roots influences his overall sound as well as artist like The Fugees, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Common, Slum Village, and Drake to name a few.

Though J.Isaak's talent's are not limited to his musical abilities. J.Isaak has received training as an actor and received tutelage at Juilliard, The American Musical & Dramatic Academy, NYU Tisch Future Thearte Artist Program, The School Of Creative And Performing Arts, and The Affordable Masterclass Program.

His purpose in life is to use his gifts & talents to positivley influence his generation. He is more than an "Entertainer," because of his ability to communicate truth through various creative art forms he is a "Edutainer."  This is apparent in all of his accomplishments:

Disney Dreamers Academy Dreamer of the Year Award for 2015 with then gained responsibility as Brand Ambassador & Spokesperson as a Disney Dreamers Champion; He also won 2nd place in the Shout Down Drugs Song-writing Competition performing his anti-drug song "Sin City" at major events through-out New Jersey. He was also featured in the Gallery of Heroes at the Liberty National Museum in Philadelphia as a Honorable Mention Winner for the Selma Essay & Speech Competition. J.Isaak was also given the distinct honor of addressing and performing for the NJ Governor’s Council on Drug & Alcohol , as well as receiving a Proclamation from the City of Irvington declaring May 19th a Day of Recognition!

With a group of friends from high school, J.Isaak looks to give people a more positive way to look at life through a positive and creative lifestyle. Thus birthing "P.Ä.K." (The Positive and Kreative Collective). He released his first mixtape "Freshman Orientation" and now has just released its follow up "Freshman Graduation" on all streaming platforms.

Since the release of "FG" he has dived into the other dimensions of his creativity. In late 2018 he became a brand ambassador, conceptual designer and media director for urban streetwear brand "Skateboard Sushi" executive producing their 2018 fall/winter promo video and playing a huge hand in the opening of their first pop up shop in lower manhattan. A few months later, the "SBS" team embarked on another endeavor opening up a pop up boutique called "Givntayk Archival" where they sold unrecoverable high fashion archival pieces from Raf Simons & Rick Owens as well as their own in-house brands. Skateboard Sushi is currently making its international debut at the "S_ANDS" streetwear shop in Nagoya Japan. Inspired by his work with "SBS" he created a production alter-ego called  "Kaasi" and delivered a project with unique reimaginings  to some of his favorite classics. Heavily influenced by anime , and 90's skateboard and hip-hop counter-culture, he has methodically spliced a myriad of cultural references and married them together in a cohesive aesthetic.

Staying true to his  mission statement, in 2018 J.Isaak has also started mentoring in the SONYC music program  at Crossroad Juvenile Detention Center in Brooklyn, through an independent contract with The Center of Community  Alternatives. With this experience he is currently in the process of developing an after school program curriculum called " The P.A.K. Program" that he intends to take to schools all over the tri state and eventually the country. The programs purpose is to use music as a means to promote and exercise creatively communicating one's thoughts, emotions, and perspectives while simultaneously enhancing their vocabulary and enriching their knowledge of their surroundings. Recent studies have shown that music also reinforces memory , due to informational cues like rhythm and sound .The program also encourages collaboration amongst its participants to capitalize communicating comprehensively not only for oneself but for others as well.

In early 2019 , J.Isaak embarked on his first local tour called "The Pomp & Circumstance Tour"  throughout the NYC Metropolitan area , hitting venues in  Bushwick, Newark, and the Lower Eastside.


On April 30th 2019, Swiss luxury watch company "Hublot" has enlisted J.Isaak to help unveil their new collaboration with Paris fashion house "Berluti," writing and performing an original piece at the release event entitled " The New Gentlemen" to emphasize the brands art of fusion.


J. Isaak is now embarking on a short impromptu follow up tour called " The Park & Circumstance Tour" where he is hitting the streets of NY and performing in city parks Manhattan, Brooklyn, & Queens. As an effort to help raise funds for a back2school book-bag drive in Queens.

J.Isaak was also asked to be featured in a shoot for a marketing  campaign with german liquor heavyweight Jagermiester. He recently went on Rockland county's own SLDM podcast "The Shhpot" to announce he is currently gearing up to release 2 new singles and a EP entitled "Hypergamy" in early 2020.



  • Disney Dreamer Academy 2015

        Instructor - Disney Music Production Senior Producer Roger Butterley

  • NYU Tisch Future Theater Artist Program NY  

        Instructor - Andy Yanni

  • School of Creative And Performing Arts NY  

        Instructor - Alex Fast

  • Washington Performing Arts Vocal Workshop  

        Instructor – Stanley J. Thurston

  • Arts High School – Performing Arts Academy

        Instructor – Donna Brazille

  • NJ School of Dramatic Arts  – Montclair, NJ

        Instructor – Beth Baur

  • American Musical & Dramatic Academy

        Instructor – Dan Daily , Ray Virta, Diane Chesla

  • Affordable Master Class Project

        Instructor – Jason Chaet & Dan Daily

  • Juilliard Shakespeare Program

         Instructor – Shana Komitee



  • Wellness Edutainer , Healthy Family Adventure

  • Media Director & Conceptual Designer - Skateboard Sushi

  • Disney Dreamers Academy Brand Ambassador

  • Winner of the 2015 Gospel Fest Step Competition

  • “Ollie Theme Song” in promotion for leading 3D printing manufacture “Local Motors” Autonomous 3D printed passenger van “Ollie”

  • Featured in the Gallery of Heros at the Liberty Bell Museum Speech and Essay Contest  

  • Disney Promotional Campaign

  • 2015 & 2017 Interview on Sway’s Universe on Sirius fm

  • Interview on national syndicated radio with Steve Harvey’s Morning Show 

  • 2nd Place winner of New Jersey Shout Down Drugs Song Writing Competition

  • Opener for Grammy Nominated and Billboard Charting Artist “Koryn Hawthrone”

  • Music Program Coordinator - Crossroads Juvenile Detention Center

  • “Lend A Hand” Collaboration with Non-Profit Organization “E-Nable Alliance”

  • Full Feature Story on NJ.com

  • Pomp & Circumstance Local Tour

  • "New Gentlemen" Original song for Hublot/Berluti Classic Fusion Release Event Performance 

  • Store Manager for GivynTayk Archival Flagship Shop in Soho

  • Promotional Shoot for Street Wear Brand Defend Brooklyn

  • Featured alongside Kamau, Mia Gladstone, & The Phronetic in a social media promotional campaign for Artiphon Midi controller "The Orba"

  • Featured in  Promotional shoot for Jagermister's online merchandise

  • 2018 Performance with Bergen County Symphony Orchestra

  • 2015 Proclamation from the city of Irvington, NJ  declaring May 19th an official day of recognition

  • NYC Performances: Kinfolk, Drom, The Vinyl, The Hexagon Lounge, Ivy Studios, Norwood, 14B Rooftop, H0L0, Nublu 151, Mailroom, Sehii, Jules Jazz Club, Rockwood Music Hall, Sunnyvale

  • NJ Performances: The Prudential Center, NJPAC,Blue Room, The Saperstein Estate, Clements Place, Newark City Hall, Bergen County Symphony Orchestra.


Music Releases:

  • Freshman Orientation (Mixtape) - Soundcloud

  • Picture Day (EP) - Soundcloud

  • Freshman Graduation (Album) - All Streaming Platforms

  • EXS. Shinobi (Beat Tape) - Soundcloud


Special Skills:

  • Singer/Songwriter

  • Spoken Word/Rap Artist

  • Hip Hop Dance

  • Voice-Over

  • Musician – piano, drums

  • Logic

  • Music Production

  • Acting

  • Playwright

  • Modeling

  • Streetwear Designer

  • Web-Design

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